what we do

community creation

We develop underutilized urban real estate. Currently, our projects are focused in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, Michigan.

the 24 hour building

Our projects follow a mixed-use model which combines ground floor retail with multiple stories of market rate loft apartments above. This model – which we call a “24 hour building” – is built around residential community, and it attracts retail and office tenants which provide the most value to the residential communities living in the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

Residential community comes first. Commercial follows.

Why? Because urban neighborhoods are made of people, and the market has clearly demonstrated that urban spaces which cater to the needs of the people living there are most likely to flourish.

Ground floor retail, second story office and top floor residential apartments create a building which is filled with life 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. Retailers keep the building occupied during the day and, in some cases, night, residents activate the building during nights and weekends, and office spaces act as a noise buffer between the two.

24 hour building-01


Urban areas are going through a renaissance – especially those in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek. With so many buildings and lots sitting underutilized in prime urban neighborhoods, adaptive reuse and infill offer not only ideal investment opportunities; they offer the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of vibrant revitalized communities.

Adaptive reuse and infill – or “upcycling”, as we like to call it – are where we excel. Whether it’s joining two historic, decaying buildings into one apartment community and iconic brewery, resurrecting an abandoned gothic cathedral into market rate apartments or building a flourishing new mixed-use facility on a vacant parking lot, we welcome the challenge.

Kendall 2nd floor offices pre-demo