Tribal Thoughts: Connected, but alone?

“Thumbs up or thumbs down on a website is not a conversation. The danger is that you get into a habit of mind where politics means giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to a website. The world is a much more complex place.” – Sherry Turkle

Over the years, the Internet has made it easier and easier for our voices to be heard—or so it seems.

We have social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on which we can post pictures from our most recent vacation, our opinion on what celebrities wore to the Grammy’s, information on our favorite mayoral candidate, and so much more. It’s so amazing how we can post a single thought or feeling in real time and it can be communicated to a virtually infinite amount of people within seconds.

From there, we often anxiously await a response from our ‘followers.’ All of those ‘likes,’ re-tweets and comments are just so gratifying, aren’t they? They build us up; make us feel like our voice has been heard and that we have actually accomplished something with all the digital banter we created by posting our views on current national politics.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is much more complex than that.

When we base our happiness on this, we are creating a false sense of accomplishment and approval based on the digital world we live in. Perhaps it’s time to remove ourselves from the digital screens our eyes are so constantly fixated upon, and use our actual voices to be appreciated and heard. Let’s not let such an amazing asset of ours go to waste.

– jenna



by Jenna K. Morton

As Marketing Manager, Jenna Morton’s role revolves around promoting the overall service and brand lifestyle of 616 Lofts and 616 Development. Though her analytical mind thrives off of results driven data, she is often immersed in creative projects that are critical to maintaining 616’s image as well.

Jenna also fills the role of Resident Liaison for 616 Lofts at the Kendall, where she and her two feline roommates have made their home.



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