Second to None: Grand Rapids Local Businesses

June 8th, 2015

New city, new opportunities.

That was the mentality I had when moving to Grand Rapids, a place I had never before been. As the new 616 Apprentice, I was eager to dive in and experience the culture of a city that I would be calling home for the summer. I was determined to shy away from normal, everyday businesses that can be easily accessed back home in Illinois. To indulge in the wide variety of local businesses and restaurants, making me a true Grand Rapidian. So, that’s what I’ve done. And I have not once looked back.

Only a few weeks in, and I’ve already seen some incredible local treasures. From the delicious breakfast I had at Bagel Beanery, to the one-of-a-kind shopping I did at Martha’s Vineyard, I have experienced some of Grand Rapids’ best. The greatest part? Supporting local business. After the 616 Community Conversation with Local First on May 19 at Osteria Rossa (yet another awesome local business), I better understand the importance of local business on a city’s economy. Shopping local paves avenues for the success of an entire community.

As a millennial, revitalizing urban economies is a necessity; that is where my future lies. In a city like Grand Rapids, that future could be very bright. This community cares about and seizes local opportunities, and I encourage you to take advantage of local opportunities as well. Who knows? It could enhance your taste buds. It could enhance your experiences. And it could enhance your city. It’s a win-win and an opportunity that is second to none.

Go out and see what our city has to offer. My next stop? Lunch at A Moveable Feast.

Written by:  Andrew Donsbach, Apprentice