Matt O’Connor, Director of Investments

matt_oconnorLikes: Genuine people.
Dislikes: Disharmony, chaos, and disorder.
Likes: Family and golf.
Dislikes: Heights.


As director of investments, Matt provides management of 616 Development’s projects, in the behind-the-scenes part of the 616 Tribe, working hand in hand with Derek to find viable development opportunities. Matt manages permitting; construction financing; securing municipal and state incentives and financial analysis.


A native of lansing, Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Western Michigan University. He worked in the commercial real estate industry for several years, specializing in finance, site selection and entitlements.

matt + 616

In 2011, Matt met Derek through a mutual acquaintance. The connection was instant. It didn’t take long for him to join the Tribe.

Matt lives with his wife in Grand Rapids.