Andrew Donsbach, Apprentice

We are excited to introduce our summer apprentice at 616 Lofts — Andrew Donsbach. Andrew will be sharing his perspective as a millennial with us on our community, the city of Grand Rapids and the field of development. Look forward to future writings from Andrew in our blog.


Likes: days at the ballpark and family time.
Dislikes: slow cars in the left lane.
Likes: overcoming challenges, stimulating conversations.
Dislikes: snakes.


Andrew recently joined the 616 Tribe as the Apprentice for Summer 2015. As he works to better understand the complex world of 616, Andrew will be working heavily with organizational communication to community members of both 616 Lofts and the city of Grand Rapids. From visual communication, to helping with community creation, Andrew is an enthusiastic addition to the Tribe.


Raised in the small town of Effingham, Illinois, Andrew is a student at Eastern Illinois University. He has always had a knack for visual elements & communication, and is driven by creativity. Andrew’s original intent was to pursue his creative talent in either graphic design or architecture, but he eventually settled into a business degree. Through this, he is allowed to explore his creative side while engaging his passion for people.

andrew + 616

While searching for internships, Andrew was introduced to 616 Development through a family member. Urban living and real estate have always been a huge interest of his, making an apprenticeship with the 616 Tribe the perfect opportunity. Andrew first met members of the Tribe in March before being welcomed as a part of the team.

Andrew has developed a strong desire to become a part of the Grand Rapids community, which he feels can be fulfilled through his position. Andrew is excited to work with other members of the 616 Tribe to continue fostering growth in and around Grand Rapids.