“As Mayor, and a Downtown Development Authority board member, I’m passionate about downtown revitalization,” Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell said. “It is exciting to hear of 616 Development’s plans for the Arena District.  New investment in old buildings and making use of vacant space is important for our continued success downtown.”

– Mayor George Heartwell

Derek & Mayor Heartwell

“The investment planned for 1 and 7 Ionia is an excellent example of urban revitalization… We are thrilled to have 616 Development investing in Grand Rapids’ downtown infrastructure and look forward to seeing underutilized space in the Heartside business district come alive.”

– Kara Wood, Grand Rapids Economic Development Director


“I am reminded of a quote by Warren Buffet, who once commented on the qualities that he looks for in someone that will manage one of his business investments. The qualities he looked for were intelligence, energy and integrity. Warren went on to say ‘of the three the third is the most important because if they have the first two without the third then the first two will destroy you.’

In the world of real estate investing there are many “here today and gone tomorrow” real estate investing experts who have a couple of good deals under their belt to brag about but at the next market turn they are gone. Derek has stuck around and has proven his investing mettle in this tumultuous market, to quote the Godfather “the reason he is still around today is that he always made money for his business partners.”

– Seth Getz

“As a 50/50 owner of a successful partnership myself, I understand the importance of a strong relationship based on a shared vision for business operations.  Derek Coppess has the work ethic, intelligence, integrity, vision, and personality that make for a great business relationship.  If I were in a position to invest or partner in another venture, Derek Coppess would be at the top of my list.”

– Ryan VanderMeer